Why Get Serious about bids?

Get Serious is all about winning bids. We help clients to win more bids in order to win more work. We provide bid writers, interim bid directors and specialist proposal and pitch trainers whose experience, knowledge and skill will help you to improve your win rate and have a successful bid team.

Whether it is bids, proposals, RFP, RFI, Pursuits, ITN, ITT, presentations, pitches, new opportunity, tenders, contracts panels, frameworks or preferred supplier lists – Get Serious helps you to: win more bids, win more work.

The benefit of using Get Serious is one of cost, flexibility and expertise. Get Serious’ team of bid writers can be used to supplement your bid team without incurring heavy overhead expenditure, you call upon the team when you need additional support at any time and you have the benefit of a skilled bid professional who can use their wide‐ranging knowledge and sector expertise to bring a real difference to the bid.

Surprise findings

The 2017 bid trend report gives an interesting insight into confidence levels and market status.

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Live bid or proposalBid writing
Bid editing
Bid management
Bid response
Urgent turnaround

Team & StrategyAdvice on approaching a bid
Project management skills
Live bid presentation coaching
Driving bids part-time
Building the right team
Bridging a recruitment gap

Bid SkillsHow to be invited to tender
Winning more business
Retaining contracts
Improving win-rate
Improving performance

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2017 Bid Trend Results

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